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As much as people love their iPads (they’re among Apple’s most beloved products after all), one can admit that they’re not the sturdiest of devices.

The overwhelming amount of iPad “drop test” videos on YouTube is a testament of that fact.

Sure, it can handle your normal daily wear and tear, but its chances of surviving a fall from several feet away is pretty slim.

This is the reason why there seems to be a burgeoning cottage industry dedicated to the production of iPad cases that can prolong the life of this popular gadget.

One of the biggest contenders in the iPad case market is Zagg. This brand already produced several models before that were well-received by the iPad-toting masses, but their latest product has sure turned a lot of heads lately.

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Zagg Rugged Folio Case Review : Basic Features


The operative word here is “rugged.” While most iPad cases aim to stay as close as possible to the Apple aesthetic of sleek and simple, the Zagg Rugged Folio is a different beast altogether.

There is no sleekness here- everything’s blocky and bulky.

The case comes in a very cool color of blackish-grey with embossed accents on the front, which makes it look like a work laptop that you would normally see in the military or construction sites and other industrial work environments.

This case means business- it does not merely want to make your iPad look pretty (as other cases are wont to do), it wants to protect it from the elements too and from accidental falls and drops, thereby prolonging its life considerably.


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zagg-rugged-folioJust running your hand over the Zagg Rugged Folio case’s exterior is enough to give you a feel of exactly how sturdy the product is. The unit is well-made; its polycarbonate build and silicone accents feel solid in the hand. It’s bulky of course, but the whole point of the bulkiness is to deflect and scatter impact energy in the case of falls and drops. Should you accidentally drop your iPad on the ground, you can be assured that it will still function like new if it’s protected with this case.




zagg-rugged-folio-front-vieAnother high point in the Zagg Rugged Folio case is its Bluetooth keyboard. In a nutshell, the Rugged’s keyboard is probably among the best one on the market there is– it can actually be considered on-par with the keyboards of most expensive laptops nowadays.

The chiclet keys are responsive and are spaced evenly so that your fingers don’t feel cramped as much; they also have just the right amount of tactile feedback to make typing a breeze. Everything’s backlit so that you can easily type at night if you want to.

It’s also important to note that the keyboard itself is powered by a very robust lithium battery that can provide enough juice to keep it running for two years! Yes, you read that right. A single charge alone is enough to keep the keyboard alive for two years, if you type on the case for an hour or so daily.

Plus you don’t have to worry about the keyboard flexing under heavy usage– it’s actually reinforced with a piece of sheet metal so that you can type it on with the usual force that you would normally use on regular keyboards.

Different Modes

zagg-rugged-folio-side-viewThe detachable keyboard is connected to the case through a magnetic hinge. This means that you can orient the case in a variety of “modes” depending on your preferences. Here are the four ways with which you can use the Zagg Rugged Folio case

* Keyboard mode – This is the orientation that we are all familiar with. With the bluetooth keyboard attached, you can use your iPad like you would a laptop or a netbook. The hinges can be positioned at almost any viewing angle that you wish.

* Video mode – A novel way to use the Zagg Rugged Folio case, the video mode is done by removing the iPad case from the keyboard and reattaching it on backwards.

The keyboard acts like a stand so that you can prop your iPad for easy viewing. Very helpful if you want to share presentations or watch movies.

* Case mode – Want to carry your iPad around like a normal tablet? Then simply unhinge the keyboard and remove the iPad case from it. Even without the keyboard, the case itself is solid enough to provide ample protection to your iPad.

* Book mode – If you primarily use your iPad for reading eBooks and documents, then you can easily reverse the magnetic hinges to orient it in book mode.

This case provides for the needs of all iPad users from all usage spectrums. Whether you’re a casual gamer who uses the iPad for Candy Crush and other mobile games, or a freelancer who considers the device as a laptop replacement, the Zagg Rugged case has got you covered.

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Overall Verdict

Most other keyboards and cases for the iPad, despite looking sleek, are actually quite flimsy. The cases are brittle, and the keyboards do not stand up to the onslaughts of heavy typers. Coupled with the fact that they also do not provide enough functionality for most iPad users (i.e. their orientation is usually limited in just one mode), they’re practically just a waste of your hard-earned money.

But with the Zagg Rugged Folio case, you easily get your money’s worth and more. It’s sturdiness means that your iPad’s life will be prolonged considerably, saving you money that you would have otherwise spent on repairs or new tablet purchases.

The fact that Zagg provides an innovative method for orienting the case in different modes means that you won’t even have to buy new cases should you want to use your iPad a mere reading device or a laptop replacement. The keyboard is very comfortable, and the unit itself looks and feels very sturdy.

And despite the bulk, this case isn’t actually very heavy at all, so that you can easily carry it around wherever you want to go. The Zagg Rugged Folio case is a must-have for iPad users who want to get more out of their device.

For Discounts And Customer Reviews: See The ZAGG Rugged Folio At Amazon.com

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